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1iota Productions specializes in connecting fans with thousands of live nationwide events in the entertainment world, including exclusive access to popular TV shows, red carpet events, sporting events, movie premiers, music festivals and more. Founded by Rob Crawford and Ben Biscotti in 2002, the company has since grown from a two-man outfit to a bi-coastal operation with over 150 active employees, and a fan base membership of millions of registered users. Members can request free tickets with searchable features by celebrity, television show, date, city and more. 1iota also works behind the scenes to support their clients with premier solutions for event management, ticketing, fan engagement, casting, data and analytics, onsite logistics and more. They continue to lead the market as the only full-service fan experience company dedicated to providing tailored access between brands and consumers in the constantly evolving entertainment industry. For more information or to search upcoming events, please visit


1iota’s user-friendly web application offers complete project management capabilities.


1iota’s suite of digital services optimizes fan engagement and marketing capabilities.


1iota’s Event Management team creates a hassle-free production experience.








Everything you need to oversee your project, wherever you may need it! Your online ticketing, analytics, communications and management tools are all accessible through 1iota’s web portal. This enables full control over every aspect of your project, whether in your office or on the move.


Millions of visitors per month land at, and your fully customized micro-site can be their destination. You can dictate their experience: Set up multiple events, host videos and photos, social aggregators, etc – make an impact!

Data & analytics

Have full numbers control over your event using our Data & Analytics tools. Our system tracks each 1iota member, allowing better turnout prediction with our proprietary algorithm. Knowledge is power; with 1iota, the power is yours.


Fully customized ticket distribution is quick and easy. Utilize multiple ticket classes to provide attendees with varied levels of access, or customized information. E-tickets can be printed, or scanned directly from a mobile device.

Event Management

Your 1iota Dashboard will simply all of your Event Management tasks. From here, you can make realtime updates to your event, estimate turnouts, send e-tickets, communicate with your attendees and so much more!

Fan Curation

With so many fans clamoring to be part of your event, how will you ever decide whom to let in the door? The 1iota system uses demographics, age, interest, location and attendance information to match you with the very best fans.

Fan Communication

Our platform’s messaging capabilities will allow you to connect directly with different groups of engaged fans surrounding your event. Update new information, send a call to action, or reach out and engage NEW fans quickly.
  • Why our clients love us

    “I’ve worked with 1iota since the company’s inception in 2002. And, since then, they have consistently brought highly energized, enthusiastic audiences to every show we’ve done together. Whether it’s a high profile event like the VMAs or on smaller productions, 1iota always delivers, tapping into the most passionate and die-hard fans out there.”
    Jesse Ignjatovic (Founder, Den of Thieves)
  • Why our clients love us

    “I hired 1iota because no one does exactly what they do. They can handle all of our needs, everything from small intimate affairs to massive full scale televised events. They are not your average audience procurement service, they are also Producers. I rely on them for everything from daily audience wrangling to organizing huge concerts on the Boulevard involving street closures and thousands of attendees. I take them with us when we travel to other cities. I wouldn’t want to do a single show out of town without their support. They have the skills and the ability to manage our production needs efficiently and flawlessly and they have never let me down.”
    David Craig ( Co-Executive Producer, Jimmy Kimmel Live! )
  • Why our clients love us

    “I have been working with Rob/Ben and the 1iota team for the last two decades. I will say unequivocally that they are the most phenomenal TV audience coordination team I have ever worked with. Whether you are looking for a mass crowd or trying to pinpoint specific shots with audience - these are your guys. I can't think of another team I would want to work with.”
    Mike Rothman (Executive Producer)


In an ever-advancing technological world, 1iota helps you bridge the online gap between you and your fans. Our suite of products will allow you to conduct research directly, market to broad-base groups or laser-focused targets, connect socially and create engaging original content that is sure to create buzz around your event.


With a comprehensive database of millions of users, the 1iota Marketing Machine is a powerful tool. Bi-weekly newsletters as well as focused email campaigns will put your message in front of the fans who want to see it.


1iota’s fan-direct survey system allows you to quickly gather information from your fan pool, and can be utilized to tailor the experience to increase engagement and brand loyalty. Give them what they love; they’ll come back!

Social Media

Engaging fans is a primary goal of all entertainment portals. We achieve this through social lotteries, brand integration, contesting, and ground activations. Get more retweets, more follows, more interaction, with 1iota.

1iota Studios

1iota studios is the perfect solution to capture compelling fan-centric content. Our in-house production team and fully functioning studio can create original content for your brand, or adapt any of our original shows for your events.

Fresh from our Studio



1iota’s presence is a valued asset on any production. Our team of dedicated professionals has hundreds of thousands of combined hours on the ground at some of the most exciting events across the country. Our eye for casting, knack for logistics and understanding of the fan experience makes the 1iota team invaluable. We’re a People company.

TV Shows

Late Night Comedies, Reality Competitions, Daytime TV, Talking-Head pieces, Stand-Up Comedy Specials – they all need the same thing – great FAN energy. Be it laughter, cheering, or fan-interactive questions and answers, we have the fans who will fill production's needs. The 1iota team keeps the crowd ready to play their role!


Whether you need research for your studio, or simply a great crowd for your premiere, 1iota is your solution. Movie lovers are a special group, and 1iota will curate the precise audience YOU need to make the project a success. We can recruit fans, perform topline reporting and moderate focus groups as well as create enormous buzz surrounding your release!


There is no type of event to which bringing the RIGHT audience with excitement and enthusiasm is more important than live music, and 1iota has you covered. That intimate 50-fan performance by Nick Jonas? 1iota was there. Justin Timberlake’s show on Hollywood Boulevard? 5,000 screaming 1iota fans brought the street to life. Let us connect you with the best superfans for your performance.

Special Events

1iota has provided specific casted fans for special events ranging from awards shows like the MTV VMAs and the Oscars Red Carpet to the NFL Draft, to experiential events such as product and store launches, stand-alone concerts, and everything in between. We connect all of these with the greatest fans, creating a perfect atmosphere!


1iota’s experienced casting professionals can find the perfect match for any production criteria. Through our casting platform, member database, and social connections, we can provide you with principals, background extras, brand ambassadors, award presenters, super fans, and so much more. Bring your event to life with the power of 1iota Casting.


1iota aims to take the brainwork of audience out of your todo list. We work with Production Companies, Security, Police, Fire Departments and City Officials to strategize, organize, and manage all logistical aspects of the event. From check-in and holding to audience movement to seating and exit strategies – 1iota develops the full plan from start to finish.

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